Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual

Immunomodulatory Antibodies

Harnessing the Immune Response and Overcoming Inhibitory Factors

22-23 March 2018 | Hilton London Canary Wharf | London


This track on Immunomodulatory Antibodies examines the mechanisms behind checkpoint inhibition and presents advances with a range of checkpoint blockers, with agonists, with CD3 targeting bispecifics and with targeting Fc receptors. We present novel approaches to overcome resistance and boost the immune-stimulatory response as well as means of limiting toxicity, PK issues and auto-immune side effects. Preclinical studies, translational data and plans for entering the clinic are included together with clinical results when available.

Preliminary Agenda


PD-1 Antibody Is a Broad Spectrum Anticancer Therapy Both as Monotherapy and in Combination

Roy D. Baynes, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Vice President & Head, Global Clinical Development, CMO, Merck, Sharpe & Dohme (MSD)


Developing Immunostimulatory Antibodies: Multiple Routes to Agonistic Function

Ann White, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, New Medicines, UCB

Targeting Immune Checkpoints with Bispecific Antibodies

John Haurum, Ph.D., CEO, F-star

Delivering Immunomodulation through OX40

Mark Cragg, Ph.D., Professor, Experimental Cancer Biology, Antibody & Vaccine Group, Cancer Sciences Unit, University of Southampton

OX40: The Agonist and the Ecstasy

Lucas Bailey, Ph.D. Principal Scientist Protein Engineering Invenra

Next Generation Approaches for Stimulatory Agonists Using Modified Antibodies

Jeong Kim, Ph.D., Genentech, Inc.


Elimination of Solid Tumors in Mice by mRNA-Encoded Bispecific Antibodies

Hayat Bähr-Mahmud, Ph.D., Deputy Head, Bispecific Antibodies, BioNTech AG


Selective Targeting of Tregs in the Tumor Microenvironment

Denise L Faustman, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Immunobiology, Massachusetts General Hospital and Associate Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Bispecific Antibodies for Selective Blockade of CD47 on Mesothelin-Positive Tumors

Krzysztof Masternak, Ph.D., Head, Biology, Research, Novimmune SA


Development of a Versatile Nanobody Based T-Cell Recruitment Platform

Stephanie Staelens, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Technology, Ablynx

Bispecific T-Cell Engagers (BiTE®): Update on Current Developments and Future Directions

Virginie Naegele, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, BiTE Technology, Amgen Research (Munich) GmbH


Targeting the Inhibitory Fc Receptor IIB to Boost Efficacy and Overcome Resistance to Cancer Immunotherapy

Björn Frendéus, Ph.D., CSO, Research, BioInvent

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