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About the Immuno-Oncology Summit Europe

CHI’s Sixth Annual Immuno-Oncology Summit Europe returns to London’s Canary Wharf for three packed days of science and technology, discussion and networking, with coverage of recent advances in the development of promising immuno-oncology treatments. The event is comprised of three conference programs that cover therapeutic categories; T-Cell and related Cellular Therapeutics, Bi-specific Antibodies and Therapies targeting the Tumour Microenvironment, while a fourth program covers strategies for Therapeutic Development, including Predictive Biomarkers, Preclinical studies and Translational Studies. Clinical results and combination therapies will also be highlighted.

2020 Plenary Keynote Speakers

Stanley Riddell, MD

Stanley Riddell, MD, University of Washington School of Medicine

Kandeepan Ganeshalingam

Kandeepan Ganeshalingam, MD, Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD)

Additional 2020 Featured Speakers

Renier Brentjens, MD, PhD

Renier Brentjens, MD, PhD, Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences

George Coukos

George Coukos, CHUV

Lindy Durrant, PhD

Lindy Durrant, PhD, University of Nottingham; CSO, Scancell Ltd

Gordon J. Freeman, PhD

Gordon J. Freeman, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School

Maria Karasarides, PhD

Maria Karasarides, PhD, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Roland Kontermann, PhD

Roland Kontermann, PhD, Institute of Cell Biology and Immunology, University of Stuttgart

Andrew Sewell, PhD

Andrew Sewell, PhD, Cardiff University School of Medicine


Christophe Le Tourneau, MD, PhD, Institut Curie, Paris, France

Jeanette Leusen, PhD

Jeanette Leusen, PhD, University Medical Centre Utrecht

Wouter Scheper, Ph

Wouter Scheper, PhD, Netherlands Cancer Institute

Karoline Schjetne, PhD

Karoline Schjetne, PhD, Vaccibody

Hans van der Vliet, MD, PhD

Hans van der Vliet, MD, PhD, CSO, Amsterdam UMC

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