Interactive Breakout Discussions

Interactive Breakout Discussions are informal, moderated discussions, allowing participants to exchange ideas and experiences and develop future collaborations around a focused topic. Each discussion will be led by a facilitator who keeps the discussion on track and the group engaged. To get the most out of this format, please come prepared to share examples from your work, be a part of a collective, problem-solving session, and participate in active idea sharing. 

TUESDAY, 23 APRIL 2024, 15:15-16:00

Breakout Discussions with Afternoon Refreshments


TOPIC: The Pros and Cons of Personalized vs Off-the-Shelf Cancer Vaccines
Jonathan Kwok, CEO, Infinitopes

THURSDAY, 25 APRIL 2024, 12:05 – 13:05

Breakout Discussions with Hosted Luncheon


TOPIC: Optimizing Cell Therapy: Antigen Selection, Sequence and Targeting Strategies
Moderator: Sebastian Kobold, MD, Professor, Clinical Pharmacology, Klinikum der Universität München

  • How can we pick the best antigens for targeting?
  • How many antigens and in which sequence do we need?
  • What would the properties of ideal adaptors or modules for cell therapy look like?
  • Will targeting be enough?

TOPIC: Engineering Strategies for Next-Generation CAR T Cells
Moderator: Michael Traxlmayr, PhD, Group leader, CD Laboratory for Next-Generation CAR T Cells, University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences

  • Logic gated CAR T cells
  • Small molecule-regulated switches to control CAR T cell function
  • Improving efficacy, while maintaining safety


TOPIC: Optimizing Engineering of Bi and Multi-specific Antibodies
Moderator: Hikaru Koga, MS, Research Scientist, Biologics R&D, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

  • Lead BsAb screening and optimizing binding affinity
  • Leveraging computational tools
  • Engineering for developability and optimal manufacturability
  • Mitigating off-target effects

TOPIC: Bi and Multi-Specific Antibody Discovery and Emerging Formats
Moderator: Ruud de Wildt, PhD, Vice President, Pipeline Delivery, T-Therapeutics

  • Novel formats being explored for therapeutic applications
  • Advantages and disadvantages of certain formats
  • Current challenges and future directions

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