Breakout Discussions

Tuesday, 20 June | 10:10 – 11:10  Breakout Discussions with Coffee Break

Modulating the Tumour Microenvironment

The Role of Immune Cells Shaping the TME
Steven Katz, MD, CMO, TriSalus Life Sciences

  • Are immune cells programmed distinctly in different organs?
  • Cross talk between suppressive myeloid cells and CAR-T cells
  • Combinatorial approaches to create a more favorable TME for CAR-T cells


Inflaming the TME Using Oncolytic Viruses
Faith N Howard, PhD, Postdoc Researcher, Oncology & Metabolism, University of Sheffield

  • ​Can viruses "go it alone" or are they "the opening act"?
  • Intravenous vs intratumoural delivery - Targeted intravenous delivery of cancer killing viruses is a viable treatment strategy for hard to reach, immunologically cold tumours?
  • Beyond liposomes - platforms for oncolytic virus delivery
  • Clinical translation of nanomedicines


Gamma Delta Immunotherapy

Strategies for Engineering of Gamma Delta T Cell Constructs
Mariolina Salio, MD, Director, Experimental Immunology, Immunocore
H. Trent Spencer, PhD, President, Expression Therapeutics

  • Use of gene editing technology
  • Engineering of gamma delta-based TCRs
  • Creation of gamma delta fusion constructs


Thursday, 22 June | 12:05 – 13:05 Breakout Discussions with Hosted Luncheon

Next Generation Cell-Based Immunotherapies

Novel Engineered CAR T Cells for Solid Tumors
Paul Neeson, PhD, Associate Professor, Cancer Immunology Research, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

  • Features of the TME which are hostile to CAR-T cell efficacy
  • Strategies for engineering CARs to address the solid tumour TME hurdles
  • Combination treatments with novel CARs - chemotherapy, radiotherapy, oncolytic virus


Successes and Failures in Combination Therapies
Marc A. van Dijk, PhD, CTO, MiNK Therapeutics, Inc.

  • The role of checkpoint inhibition as combination partner
  • Co-stimulation as emerging modality​
  • How to boost a secondary immune response?​


Bispecific and Multispecific Antibody Therapeutics

T Cell Redirection with Bispecific Antibodies:- Strategies and Clinical Examples
Miguel Gaspar, PhD, Director, AstraZeneca

  • Pre-clinical models (in vitro and in vivo) to support discovery and development
  • Re-entering the fray with costimulatory agonists
  • Clinical development strategies for combinations with Immune cell engagers

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