Room: Quayside Foyer

Presenting Monday – Wednesday (morning)

Charite University of Medicine
A1. The Importance of the Immunomodulatory Properties of the Glyco-Engineered Anti-EGFR Antibody Tomuzotuximab for IO Combinations; Presented by Phillip S.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
A2. Regulation of Interferon Gamma Production in Natural Killer Cells by IFNG-AS1; Presented by Natan S.

Immuneed AB
A3. Immunotoxicity Assessment in a Circulating Human Whole Blood System; Presented by Justyna L.

Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
A4. A Novel CEACAM1-Trageting Antibody as a Multifunctional Blocker; Presented by Seonghoon K.

National University of Quilmes
A5. Mimetic Peptides of Tumor-Associated Glycan as Candidates for Active Immunotherapy; Presented by Mariano G.

Straximm Therapeutics, Inc.
A6. A Titratable Cancer Gene Therapy Approach Targeting the STING Pathway; Presented by Aditya K.

University of Milan
A7. An Improved Platform for Screening and Production of Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics; Presented by Guendalina F.

Presenting Wednesday (afternoon) – Thursday

Jackson Laboratory
B1. Patient-Derived Tumor Xenografts in Humanized NSGT-SGM3 Mice: An Improved Immuno-Oncology Platform; Presented by Adriano F.

Nouscom srl
B2. Immunotherapeutic Strategies Based on Retargeted Armed, Oncolytic Herpes Viruses; Presented by Emanuele S.

Oncodesign Biotechnology
B3. Development of Pre-Clinical Assays to Support Drug Discovery Programs in Immuno-Oncology; Presented by Josselin C.

PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd.
B4. NG-641: An Oncolytic T-SIGn Virus Targeting Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts in the Stromal Microenvironment of Human Carcinomas; Presented by Chiara R.

Stempodia Corporation Ltd.
B5. A Dual Blockade of Death and Immune Checkpoints by SPG-275 Oncoviral Therapy Induces Complete Remissions in Treatment-Refractory Tumors; Presented by Kelvin T.

Taipei Medical University
B6. A Non-Viral Method to Rapidly Develop Tumor Specific T Cell Using an Anti-Tumor/Anti-CD3 Bispecific Antibody Based Culture Method; Presented by Kuo-Hsiang C.

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